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Family vacation to Munnar

By Gifty Karen

It was June 2019 and my academic year of college was about to begin. I received a call from my uncle who had come down to India from America after 2 years. He suggested that we all go on a family vacation to Munnar. Now, who doesn’t like a holiday? With all the excitement, I went and asked my mom. Both mom and dad are working professionals so unfortunately they couldn’t come but thankfully they allowed me to join the trip.

Finally the day arrived and I was on my way to Munnar with my beloved cousins on a Tempo Traveller. I was meeting them after 2 years and we had great fun on our onward journey. It was so special because my grandparents had joined us and were even singing and dancing along with us. We were chatting, playing cards and everyone seemed to be so happy. We reached the foothills and now was the time to enjoy beautiful valley views on our drive up the hill. I took out my headphones, chose a corner window seat and played my favourite songs. I was mesmerized looking at the beautiful nature (thanks to the creator!), my eyes were in for a treat! It took close to 2 hours to reach the hill top.

We checked into our resort – The High Range club. Located close to a river, it was a heaven on earth. Such a lovely property with beautiful views and a range of fun activities indoors and outdoor. There was a beautiful lawn with tennis and basket ball court. A garden with beautiful flowers. They even have a 9 hole golf course. How cool is that! I was totally in love with this this place! A wholesome refreshing stay. We booked ourselves 2 cottages. Me and my cousins shared one and all the elders took the other cottage.

We visited the Blossom Hydel Park where we enjoyed zip lining (Quite adventureous!). We then had an elephant safari at Carmelagiri. It was super fun. Next morning we even went on a trekking trip from the tea estates towards the hilltop. This was my first trekking and it turned out to be a memorable experience. It was a 4 hour trek and we covered 3 miles on the mountain. We enjoyed our times together chatting, playing and then some shopping.

We returned back to Madurai after a refreshing time in Munnar.

About the Author

Gifty Karen is a budding entrepreneur from Madurai who in her very young age has created many startups on her own. Currently she is pursuing her Management Degree to improvise her entrepreneurial skills further. She spends her free time in cooking, painting, and making coffee journals. She wishes to be an independent woman who buys her stuff with her own money.


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