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A trip to Yelagiri

By Kasi Raj

As the state started to recover from the 1st wave of COVID – 19, the state government ( of TN) permitted colleges to function with certain restrictions. With these relaxations, the college resumed and I was back to my regular college life. Around the same time, the outbound discussions began in the college. Finally, our outbound was planned for March 2021 to Yelagiri.

Located at about 1111 m above sea level, Yelagiri is a popular hill station in Tamil Nadu. Multi-axle Air-conditioned coaches were arranged for us, which was quite comfortable for eight-hour travel. We reached the Hotel Hills at Yelagiri around 9 p.m. After a short break, we had our introductory session followed by dinner.

Day 01: We spent the full day at the thrill valley which was a 30-minute walk (2.2 km) from our hotel. There were various activities such as Rope walk, Zipline, Vehicle ride, Wall climbing and Paint Ball. Each & every activity was kind of adventurous and much needed after spending a couple of months absolutely indoors. Ropewalk was my favorite! I found wall climbing very difficult, but thankfully managed to complete it. Around 7 pm we started our walk to the hotel. On the first day, dinner was arranged along with a DJ. Coincidentally, one of the students had his birthday and we celebrated it. We retired after an exhausting day.

Day 2 and 3: The second day started with a 2 hours nature walk. The remaining management activities for the day were handed to us and it went on till evening. Then we spent our leisure time in the swimming pool along with some water games. We had our firewalk which was scheduled before our dinner. Even though I refused to firewalk, the trainer assisted me well and I completed it. Post dinner, we had a campfire arranged which turned out to be the most memorable night on our 3-day trip.

The 3rd day was equally fun-filled. Outcome-based activities­ were planned which continued till evening. The third day ended with a group photo which will be treasured in our memories.

On the whole, this trip was a 3-day refreshment to my soul after almost one year of lockdown.

About the Author

Kasi Raj is a management student. He is passionate about leadership. He loves to read books & is a great fan of the author "Simon Sinek". He wishes to travel across the length & breadth of the globe before he grows old.


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