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Explore India and its many highlights in the most pampered way. For a relaxing Indian holiday tours you could choose the snow capped Shimla or the ever green land of Kerala. Feeling spiritual? Take a trip across the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh where you will also enjoy the beautiful temple architecture along with your peace of mind. We provide tour packages for South and North India with best deals.

The land of Rajasthan can boost your spirits and leave you wanting more of the royal treatments. The white sands (actually salt) on the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat leaves you thinking how amazingly nature works! Standing right across the most astonishing architecture called the Taj Mahal is sure to leave you awestruck. Well, the list is endless!


The princely state of Rajasthan can offer you varied experiences. The Beautiful palaces and magnificent forts will take you back in history and lets you experience the time of royalty. Riding on Elephants, a Camel Safari, exploring the wildlife, staying in palaces are just few of the varied experiences that you can enjoy in Rajasthan


Fondly called the Golden Triangle Delhi, Agra and Jaipur together offers the best mix of culture, history and fun. If you are on a short trip and wish to explore as much as culture and history of India, you must visit the Golden Triangle. There is so much so see and do, which would keep you amazed at how varied this country is.


The southern state of Tamil Nadu is essentially a mix of beautiful temple architectures, beaches, hill stations with varied cultural experiences. Immersed in tradition, the Tamils have kept their culture alive through poetry, dance and the language itself. The people are so welcoming that they wouldn’t mind sharing a meal and helping you understand their culture better.


Dubbed as God’s own country, the small state of Kerala is a complete package when it comes to a holiday. From its lush green landscape to a soothing climate year-around to its beautiful and serene beaches to the famous temples and churches to a ride in the backwaters, the list seems endless.  Wildlife, Hill stations, Beaches, Backwaters, coastal cuisine, home-stays, Kerala has something to offer to everyone.

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