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The world is so beautiful and you won’t realize it unless you have seen it for yourself. We help you see the world with a totally different perspective when compared to a regular tourist. Why visit a city just to click pictures? There’s more than “posing for a picture” that one can do on a holiday. May it be a casual break from your regular tiring life, or a special occasion with your loved ones or just a soul searching tour! All you need to do is contact us. We plan your holiday keeping in mind your interests, any special requests/needs and suiting your pockets. Each holiday is special and when planned properly can create the most wonderful experiences. If you have a travel idea, we have a plan for you!! Allow us to take you on a journey like never before.

International Holidays

It is always adventurous and interesting to know people from different culture and life style. Take a trip outside India and get to know a new country every time. We provide International tour packages suiting all pockets. It is amazing to see how Singapore and Dubai have developed over the years. Choose from our various International holiday packages and explore for real. Experience the world class amenities and pamper yourself to some “me” or “us” time!


When booking the International tour packages, we help you get the best deals on your flight tickets, organize your visa, book your hotel and sightseeing, give you a firsthand info about the country, their culture, expected weather conditions, additional activities that you can do on your own and much more.

Indian Holiday Packages

Explore India and its many highlights in the most pampered way. For a relaxing holiday tours you could choose the snow capped Shimla or the ever green land of Kerala. Feeling spiritual? Take a trip across the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh where you will also enjoy the beautiful temple architecture along with your peace of mind. We provide tour packages for South and North India with best deals.

The land of Rajasthan can boost your spirits and leave you wanting more of the royal treatments. The white sands (actually salt) on the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat leaves you thinking how nature works! Standing right across the most astonishing architecture called the Taj Mahal would leave you awestruck.


The list is endless!


Travelled to Kerala

Everything was perfect. The deal was perfect. I got the best price for the hotel than any other online deals. The driver was kind and humble. Would love to use "The Happy Navigator" service again. Thank you Vinoth


Vinoth, Chennai


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