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Smart ways to plan an International trip and experience a new world

Holiday season is nearing and it’s time to plan that long pending International tour. The thought of traveling to a new country is mostly fun and euphoric. But planning for the same can be a daunting experience to many. Especially when you are not a frequent traveler and also when you cannot make time from your busy schedule to plan the essentials.

If you are off to a foreign destination then this article is for you!

Plan in Advance

Well, First things first – decide where you want to travel, find out if it is the best time to travel to that place in terms of weather or cost and most importantly how much you can afford to spend.

Start planning well in advance so that you get ample time to research and rework on the final list. Plan one thing at a time. Make a budget and try and include all possible expenditures – small and big. Have a buffer to spend in times of emergencies.

Carefully pick “Activities/sightseeing” and Finalise on the itinerary

Spend time preparing a suitable itinerary which covers places or activities that you will enjoy the most or wish to do. It is natural to plan on doing everything there is to do and make the most of your vacation. But don’t forget that after all you are on a holiday. You need to breathe and relax. If you are on an International trip for 10 days or more, it is essential to make the plan little lighter on some days or allow just a day or two without any exhaustive touring.

Make the bookings

Reserve everything in advance which will allow you time to deal with any issues closer to your travel. If you leave the bookings for last minute you may end up messing things which you don’t want. Off course some times last minute deals are available but don’t forget that does not always happen. Closer to the travel dates hotel rooms get sold out and flight tickets are expensive. However, this might not be an issue if you are travelling in a low season.

Prepare the documents

Travel documents are an essential part of your holiday planning. Checking if the passports (of all the travelers) are valid should be first on your check list even before planning and heading with the booking. For longer holidays it is a smart idea to have a dedicated file with all the necessary documents like passport copies, flight tickets, visa copies, hotel vouchers, any vaccination card etc. If you have a travel agent then there is no worry, because they prepare and provide all the necessary documents.

Travel insurance

After all, you are spending so much of time and money on your trip; it only makes sense to insure it so that you are covered for any unfortunate events like missed flights, lost passports or visa, or falling sick and needing a medical treatment in a foreign land. Not just this but for more such unforeseen events.

Pack smartly

There is a saying “He who travels happily, travels light”. This is a great mantra when you are on a long holiday. Off course, you must have all the essentials like medicines. Food can be a major problem when you are off to a new country for a long time and do not like their food. Be prepared, you can take some packed ready to eat foods. Please note airlines have strict rules of what you can carry and what not during a flight so find that and plan accordingly.

Finally, you need to know, you will not find all the answers to your travel queries on the internet. Sometimes you may even end up finding contradicting information. To have a great International tour experience, hire a reliable and experienced travel agent. Make use of their expertise and gift yourself a trouble-free holiday.

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