Strawberry picking in Bangalore

By Divya Raj

Say Strawberries and the first thing I can picturize is a bowl of fresh cream or ice cream along with these juicy fresh fruits. While it not only satiates my taste buds, my dil just goes Mmmmmmm....

I have always fantasized about visiting these farms like you see in movies, TV shows or documentaries and yeah even on the advertisements. Just imagine pleasant wind blowing over your face while you stroll across rows and rows strawberry farm spread as a carpet. Amidst all those greenery your eyes spot on these juicy red berries. Isn’t it wonderful to experience it, even as a grown up?

As someone who resides in the south of India, I thought I will have to travel to the hilly slopes of Mahabaleshwar, Himachal Pradesh or Jammu Kashmir to enjoy this activity. Well, until recently, even in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t believe this was possible here so close to my place. Yes strawberry farming and picking is possible in Namma Bengaluru!


Located at around 70 kms from Bengaluru towards the Bangalore – Hyderabad National highway are these Strawberry farms at Varlakonda (almost 25 kms from Chikabalapur). The farm is spread across nearly 20 acres of land and that support the growth of these berries. You can find lengthy stretches of this cultivation, where you not only get to experience strawberry picking, can also buy it fresh to bring them back home.

Best Time to Visit

While Strawberries can be harvested throughout the season, November to March is the ideal time for picking them.

Booking Procedure

· So closer to the picking season, pre book your activity by getting in touch with them (details mentioned below of the farm owner and the team)

· You will be asked to fill up a goggle form, (check the location, as they have 2 different farms)

· Once you choose the farm, select the time slots favorable to you

· Then you will be directed to a payment link for a nominal fee (Rs 100/- per person at the time we visited)

· On completing the payment you will receive a confirmation mail with the directions and some procedure to be followed at the farm.

Dos and Don’ts

· Pluck the strawberries only if you are planning to take them back home (As whatever you pluck, you will need to buy them)

· Wear comfortable shoes and carry enough water, as it’s an open area, you might feel exhausted, so it is advised to stay hydrated.

· While picnic is allowed at the farm site (carrying your own food) Make sure the you don’t litter the farm

How to book

Farm visit is strictly on prior appointment only


Here is the form to book your appointment

About the Author

Divya believes that, No matter where or why you travel, there is always something wonderfully new to learn. Being born in a family of Defence, travel was always been a part of life, be it for dads transfers or those LTC tours, probably that is what, that has kept her travelling and exploring new things. So much so that, she ended up choosing a career in the same field. A Masters degree in Travel & Tourism and almost 10+ yrs of service in the travel industry. She not just made others travel dreams come true, but also kept striking off her own bucket list. When not travelling, you will definitely find her in the kitchen, either baking or cooking. An amateur photographer, who loves chasing sunsets, beaches & flowers.